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“81% of students say they want more opportunities for real-world learning”

The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts

Students who participate in social emotional learning programs show increased academic achievement

"Impact of social-emotional learning on academic achievement"
American Psychological Association

69% of high school dropouts said they were not motivated or inspired to work hard

The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts

To Level Up

At Aim we believe that education needs to take on a more comprehensive approach to student success. In our after school program we help students make healthy lifestyle choices, manage daily stressors and cultivate practical skills that help them accomplish their personal, academic and professional goals.

AIM is built around three central components:

Yoga, where participants learn about the benefits of exercise and mindfulness

Character development activities that promote social and emotional learning

Professional & vocational sessions, where an invited speaker shares their skills, life experience and career path

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“Our vision is a world in which youth have the guidance and confidence to accomplish their goals”

Derek Waddy

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2011 and since 2016 I have had the privilege of working with youth in the Miami Dade County Public Schools system. As a result of my work in the community, I serve as an ambassador for Lululemon and Raw Juce. I have worked with a wide range of professionals that span from the 2018 Miami Dolphins Rookie Class to Channel 7 News employees. These experiences have helped me lead people from all walks of life.

Instagram: @derekwaddy

“Our mission is to encourage high school age youth to be agents of change that invest in themselves, each other and the world”

Virginia Ansaldi

I’ve been an educator since 2009, having worked for a variety of programs and institutions across the country. In 2015, I became a high school science teacher and in 2018 was awarded the Rising Star Award for Sustainability from the City of Coral Gables due to my efforts in environmental education. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2013, working not only in yoga studios and schools, but also in rehabilitation centers, prisons, and juvenile detention centers.

Instagram: @virgxx

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Aim Miami, Inc. is a nonprofit after school program that provides complimentary yoga and educational programming to high school students.